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Multimodal freight

LORUS SCM offers the best rates from the leading navigable lines from China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. Own terminal in Vladivostok with a capacity of 5 000 KTK with regular vessel calls (2 times a week) provides to clients high quality of terminal processing and ample opportunities on storage of containers. Existence of the license and long-term experience allows to carry out quickly customs registration as on border (in seaport Vladivostok), and on internal customs posts (for the goods delivered under the procedure of customs transit). The accelerated container trains with regular sending (3 times a week) Vorsino and Paveletskaya and also to the region of the Volga region - to the cities of Ulyanovsk and Togliatti carry out delivery of 20-foot and 40-foot containers to Moscow at the station.

Multimodal service provided by Lorus SCM team includes:

  • Cargo pick-up and consolidation
  • Ocean freight and terminal handling
  • High-speed transportation by block trains
  • Last mile

Multimodal transportation is applicable when the delivery of the cargo cannot be fulfilled with the help of one transportation means, e.g. in international trade. Considerable distances and wide geography of deliveries as well the intent to reduce costs and delivery time influence the choice of transport. As a sole 4 PL operator Lorus SCM finds the optimal combination of different transportation means for every particular case and designs logistics flows in a supply chain, all the transportation thus being covered by a contract with a fixed door-to-door tariff.

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