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long term growth

We do our best to improve the quality of our services. To this effect, we have created LORUS Excellence System (LES), which reflects the philosophy of our development based on Client priorities, Respect for people and Continuous.

Implementation of standards is one of the most important steps on a way to continual improvement. Visual management and KAIZEN tools help enhance communications, improve quality, solve problems and reduce losses. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals make continuous efforts to improve key performance and time indicators. Our goals are the best quality/lowest price ratio, the shortest delivery time and the highest safety and motivation of staff.

Quality management means standards compliance control, identifying and meeting key quality indicators, holding quality meetings, conducting regular audits and using Problem-Solving Method for quick preventive and corrective actions.

Better success can be achieved only through recognition of client values and demands on a day-to-day basis.

Performance management means control of operating losses and time wastes through continuous planning, determining operational key performance indicators and implementing optimized logistics processes or technologies.

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