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Lorus Academy

A team of skilled professionals is crucial for the continuous improvement of quality and processes within a company. Lorus Academy is a corporate institute for professional development. We bring out the potential of our employees and work on their development in line with the Company’s strategy.


  • Increased competence and efficiency of staff;
  • The development of effective leadership and management;
  • Identification of prospective employees for the formation of personnel reserve;
  • Adaptation of new employees;
  • Growth of involvement and strengthening staff loyalty;
  • Strengthening and development of corporate culture.

Lorus Academy works in three main directions to achieving the purposes:

  1. Competencies charts - valued skills and competencies which are excellent predictors of high performance and necessary to achieve the objectives of the company.
  2. Personnel assessment - identifying of the potential pathways for the staff development.
  3. Development programs – training courses that provide employees with a more focused approach to learning and applying new skills to achieve improved work performance.

We are confident that people are the most valuable asset of any company. Therefore, employee training and professional development are worth the investment. Only people can resolve tasks and help the company achieve desired goals.

Well-trained team is always success!

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