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The LORUS SCM offers complete warehouse service for the large industrial enterprises and trading companies.

Within our logistics projects, we are focused on the improvement of reliability and quality of the warehousing and warehousing processing of goods, on the reduction of time being spent for an individual warehouse operation, on the reduction of labor intensity, on the simplifying of the workflow process structure, on the increasing of the degree of integration between the business units, on the reduction of the Customer’s costs of the warehousing logistics.


  • bin location warehousing with the use of various systems and storage conditions (including the storage requiring particular temperature conditions);
  • warehousing and warehouse operations for the palletized, bulked and oversized cargos;
  • cross-docking;
  • prepacking, packing, repacking, labeling;
  • order picking by reference to the pallets/packaging/piece-by-piece; building of sets;
  • returns management, claim settlement, quality audit;
  • stock control management, inventory auditing, accounting;
  • fulfillment for the online shops.