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Your reliable logistics partner

Focus on your core business and let us take care of logistics in a way that will ensure your company has all the right conditions for continuous growth

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About the company

Lorus SCM is a leading 4PL provider of logistics services and an expert in industrial logistics. Our company has competencies in managing supply chains and developing solutions for optimising logistics processes, as well as industry expertise and own infrastructure.

  • +120,000 TEU
  • 300 staff
  • 110,000 motor vehicles delivered
  • 20 years’ Experience in logistics

Logistic Infrastructure

Container terminal Pacific Logistic

Location – Vladivostok
TEU – 5000 Storage capacity
TEU – 200 000 handling capacity
120 refrigerator power sockets
4,5 railways length

Wagons fleet
Cargo Vehicles fleet
Customs clearance
Strategic partnership with major container operator

The benefits of working with us

From idea
to implementation

We create customised logistics solutions for JIT/JIS systems, consult clients on all logistics issues from initial efficiency estimates of existing logistics processes to planning international deliveries

More IT brawn for the success
of your business

We offer joint development and deployment of innovative IT solutions for managing logistics flows, ensuring integration with our clients in-house systems and provide tech support

We know the product
and we have industry expertise

We study the product and business we’re working with in great depths. Through the years that we’ve been in this business we’ve gained impressive expertise in a number of industries and specially in automotive industry and FMCG

and measurable targets

We do regular quality assurance, using our own know-hows and KPIs agreed with clients. With our company you will always know where your cargo is and will get immediate assistance from our professionals


With Lorus SCM you get professional team with years of experience in logistics. We contract professionals with intimate knowledge of how to arrange international deliveries and get customs clearance according to regulations of EAEU. Our shared values include constant strive for perfection, growing expertise and desire to remain industry leaders and innovators forever.

Our clients and partners